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Friday, May 2, 2008

Month long holidays and events for May

I'm sure you have all been wondering what else May brings besides Memorial day. Lucky for you all that I happen to have a calendar that will tell me all of it. So, here are the Month long holidays and events that May will bring us....

  • Asian-Pacific-American heritage month
  • Better hearing and speech month
  • Clean air month
  • Get caught reading month
  • National asthma and allergy awarness month
  • National bike month
  • National mental health month
  • National physical fitness and sports month
  • Skin cancer awareness month.

So many holidays that I really had no idea about. Days of national recognition include....

  • Scrapbooking day on the 3rd- I should try to catch up on Grey's from KINDERGARTEN
  • My birthday-oh wait, that's actually Cinco de Mayo
  • Tulip day on the 13th- Take time to enjoy nature
  • International day of families on the 15th- This one actually sounds fun to make a tradition
  • Frog jump day on the 19th-let's all jump like frogs for the day. It will put a smile on my face
  • Fork debuted in 1630 on the 25th- SO glad for that one, I'd hate eating without a fork
  • Finally my favorite, this may not be international but still one of my favorite days for May is the LAST day of school and summer break!!!!!

Enjoy the month.

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