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Thursday, May 1, 2008

What is wrong with this picture

It seems that Winter here in Utah just does not want to go away. This morning this is what we saw....

It is just a light dusting but it is MAY 1st for crying out loud!!! Give me spring, I feel like I'm being ripped off. I can't even plant my flowers for fear of frost. YUCK, I want to lay in the hammock and listen to the hummingbirds, I want to tan and have drinks on the deck with Bob after a long day, without coats and blankets. I was being very patient with spring but I can't wait anymore. I WANT IT NOW. Maybe if we all start throwing a fit mother nature will hear us and bring us nice weather. Fit throwing seems to work with my kids.



Amberlie said...

I hear ya! This morning I noticed they had pulled in the Sno Shack at the Gym parking lot, and realized, they won't even need to shave ice, they've got snow on the roof of the shack!!

Laurel said...

That's funny. Don't let Jake know because he'll bring out the sno cone syrup and pour it on the ground and then lick it up.