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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kid chat Gone wild!!

If you had to choose between having spots or stripes which would you choose and why?

If you could have 8 of any of the following which would you choose and why? Ear, eye, mouth, or nose. (They didn't mention arms but that would be my first pick for sure!)

This series of books is one of my favorites to read with the kids. I just ordered some for keeps, usually we just borrow from libraries. They are great conversation starters and gives you a whole new look into your child's mind. Even my pre-teen will start talking and somedays that is my biggest chore. It's easy enough for the youngest kids to participate too.

I read in a magazine once that a family read something like this each Sunday and then recorded the answers in a family journal. All the family members said that it was fun looking back and seeing what they use to think about. I have never actually got around to writing them down but we still read some of the questions.

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SILLYA said...

What an AWESOME idea!! you are such a great mom-- I have always admired how you do such fun things with your kids!!