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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Natalie is my tender soul. She is cheerful and happy and strives so hard to do the right thing. She loves to cuddle and will always help someone else. But, and this is a big but, when she is in a bad mood look out!!! A few weeks ago she woke up in a very foul mood because I did not stay in her room all night when she assumed I would. She was yelling at me and would not listen at all. I told her I would not have it and walked off (You can't argue with her when she is beside herself). She comes downstairs a few minutes later and says how sorry she is for the argument, I tell her sorry for the misunderstanding. Later that day I go to make a phone call. We have voicemail so it beeps when you have a message. I didn't remember the phone ringing so I was puzzled. I call into the voice mail and I hear. "ummm, mom this is your daughter, you know Natalie. I'm really sorry about fighting with you and I want to come down and cuddle with you if that is ok., well bye. I love you" Yep, she called into the voice mail and left me a message. Sweet girl, I didn't even know she knew our phone number that well. Just one of the perks I get being a mom.


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Amberlie said...

She is such a cutie :)