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Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring...

I LOVE RAIN. Seriously, I love curling up with a good book with my windows slightly open a cool breeze blowing through and the delicious smell of rain. When I was little we had this old house that had a semi wrap around porch. We had one of those outdoor swings and I'd take pillows, blankets, and books out there to enjoy the showers. I'm sure my mom hated me taking all those things outside. But it is a great memory for me and I still love to sit on the porch and enjoy the rain.
Nothing can beat a nice rainfall except maybe a nice thunderstorm. I love those too. I was scared of them until I was 13 but now I almost crave them. While in Idaho we maybe had 3 thunderstorms in 10 years!!! We get more here in Utah and I love it. I guess I was meant to live here in Utah. I love the smell and the sound of a nice thunderstorm. The rains just seems to remind me to snuggle up and slow down. Sometimes life takes over and you forget to enjoy the little things that make it worth living.
Jake and I are snuggling but instead of a good book I have my blogs. And yes, there is an old man snoring. My husband got called into work last night after a power outage and came home at 6:30 this morning. He is upstairs snoring. I need to get some more work done but it's going to wait for awhile. I need to enjoy this rain and just regroup.

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Amberlie said...

I'm with you, I love snuggling in my bed listening to thunder and rain. I don't however love wind storms and last night I had to keep getting up I thought we were going to get a tornado! Things kept hitting our house!